Change for Children Jersey City Candidates Clarifies Public Statements Made By the Board of Education

Change for Children Jersey City Candidates Clarifies Public Statements Made By the Board of Education

Statements related to the superintendent position are false.

For immediate release - Wednesday, September 25, 2019 - Jersey City, NJ - It has come to our attention that the current Board of Education (“BoE”) directors, under the Education Matters slate, have made two false statements: 

False Statement #1: Change for Children wants to ensure Franklin Walker does not become permanent superintendent of the Jersey City public schools; and

False Statement #2: Change for Children wants to bring back Dr. Marcia Lyles and Catherine Coyle to their positions of superintendent and assistant superintendent, respectively. 

These statements are incorrect. According to Change for Children Candidate, Alexander Hamilton, "We want to make it clear that we have never been in talks to bring anyone back to fill the role of superintendent. Discussing any position is highly inappropriate and a violation of employee privacy. More importantly, the Change for Children candidates are not looking backward at the disorder created by some of the current board members, we are looking forward to a new and positive reality for children, parents, teachers and the school board. 

“It is entirely inappropriate for the Education Matters candidates, especially current Board members, to take a position on the Acting Superintendent. We support him wholeheartedly but it would be unethical for any candidates to become involved with hiring decisions at this time. The fact that Education Matters is even making public statements about who they want to be the next Superintendent underscores their lack of understanding of personnel policy, contractual obligations and legal exposure. This is why the current board continually finds itself in legal and ethical turmoil."

Franklin Walker currently serves as Acting Superintendent and has served the Jersey City Public Schools for 45 years.

Anthony Sharperson commented, "We have great admiration for Mr. Walker. He is a mentor and is looked up to by the community. He has done so much for the city and is a great role model for the more than 30,000 children in Jersey City today."

"Enough of the lies,” added Board of Education candidate Asheenia Johnson. “We cannot allow fear-mongering and lies propagated by members of the Education Matters slate and divisive union leaders to detract us from what matters the most. The Change for Children school board slate functions with the interests of the children, parents and teachers in mind, and they will remain our top priority."


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