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Alexander Hamilton

Hamilton3-headshot-crop.pngA resident of the Hamilton Park neighborhood in Ward E, Alexander Hamilton is a serial entrepreneur, having been a part of several successful startups in the technology and marketing areas.  He pioneered unique forms of video promotions as well as social media marketing for some of the biggest artists at major record labels nationwide. He went on to help create a special marketing division that dealt with broadcast and print media, where he concentrated on sales and client relations. 

He is currently working on the development of another start up, Quintrix, where he serves as Special Advisor and Director of Talent Management for this unique IT recruiting and training company.  Alexander also serves his community as President of the Hamilton Park Condominium Association in addition to sitting on the Hamilton Park Conservancy Board. He is a proud husband and loving father of a vibrant special needs child who attends Jersey City Public Schools.   

Alexander Hamilton is running for a three-year term for Jersey City School Board to bring his innovative spirit and strong work ethic to the community and families of Jersey City.